Vertical Vinyl Siding Installation in Honolulu, Hawaii

Vertical Vinyl Siding Installation in Honolulu, Hawaii

Our vertical vinyl siding may be the best choice for you if you want the most energy efficient and durable siding, but with a unique look.

Our vertical siding is easy to maintain and will last for years to come. No painting or staining is required. Choosing one of the many beautiful colors available for your home will make you the envy of your neighbors.

The vertical siding style

As well as being beautiful, Aloha Vinyl Siding’s vertical siding is durable, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. Vertical siding is framed horizontally with a shingled effect rather than horizontally like standard siding. Vertical siding panels are vertically framed. Vertical siding on your home, when combined with other siding styles, can draw attention to certain parts of your house.

The harshest conditions won’t deter siding, from extreme cold to heat and roaring winds. No siding will peel off or fly off the house because they are fully nailed to the house. It is easier to appreciate the fine details and symmetrical lines when viewed close-up.

Energy Efficient Siding

We can reduce your energy costs by as much as 20% with our siding. The full thermal support system bonds insulation to the vinyl and provides extra protection by reducing your heating and cooling costs. In addition to providing rigidity, siding insulation also acts as an impact absorber, maintaining the lines and contours of the siding. Hail or baseballs can dent aluminum, but not vinyl siding, which absorbs the impact and remains intact.

Vertical Siding Features

Our vertical siding comes in many different colors. Regardless of the look you desire, we have a wide selection of colors to suit your home’s design.

Siding can also have a wood-grain appearance and feel to feel like wood, but it retains all the benefits associated with vinyl siding rather than real wood siding. Additionally, the siding is made with non-toxic additives to prevent termites, carpenter ants, and other pests from nesting behind it.

Installation of Vertical Siding

Installing siding can be a daunting task for any homeowner. We offer professional installations with a strong attention to detail. We are factory-certified, we have bonding, and we have insurance. We guarantee a quality installation the first time and a thorough inspection by a trained technician. Your old siding will be removed, hauled away, and disposed of in accordance with EPA standards.

Aloha Vinyl Siding has served over homes and delighted customers all across the islands. Aloha Vinyl Siding provides amazing products and exceptional installation for all your home improvement projects. Due to the fact that all of our products are manufactured in the factory and shipped directly to your home for installation, all of our products are durable and affordable. Contact us now for a free quote.