Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding in Honolulu

Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding in Honolulu

A Dutch Lap siding profile may appeal to those who are looking for something unique. The vinyl Dutch Lap siding has the same energy efficiency as standard siding, but a different appearance.

Because of the shape of the siding, these boards are more durable. Dutch Lap siding comes in many different colors to transform the look of your home.

With  siding from Aloha Vinyl Siding, you can also get a cleaner, more attractive finish with fewer overlaps.

Vinyl Dutch Lap Siding: What is it?

The whole thing. That’s all there is to it. Dutch lap siding is made of virgin vinyl. Vinyl siding is commonly used in the islands because of its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

As a result of the extreme temperatures and weather conditions in Honolulu and the surrounding areas, vinyl siding will protect your home from splitting, cracking, and warping. Vinyl siding is a great choice for the Hawaiian Islands.

Dutch lap siding is also equipped with a full thermal support system. Compared to our competitors, Vinyl siding is more energy efficient and insulated. Our thermal support system tightly fits behind the siding, enhancing rigidity and providing straight wall lines.

Aloha Vinyl Siding gives you great siding features and benefits so you can customize your home. Soffits, fascia and other trim accessories should match the home’s exterior.

Vinyl Dutch Lap Siding Features

Our Vinyl siding comes with fully rolled nail hems. The unique nail provides resistance to high winds and is used to hold siding on walls. It is widely recognized that fully rolled nails are the best nails for siding, and we use them for vinyl Dutch laps siding.

We provide thick 0.046″ siding panels to make your wall straight, smooth, and even. Because of the shadow lines created by these siding panels, your siding won’t fade, and you’ll get the look of real wood siding without the maintenance.

This siding looks like wood siding without the extra maintenance because it has oak grains infused into it. Having a tri-beam system will make your siding more rigid, resulting in straight course lines and even walls.

Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding Benefits

Across the islands, Aloha Vinyl Siding delivers only the best to homeowners. Aloha Vinyl Siding provides siding that is four times more energy efficient than conventional siding.

In general, you can save up to 20% on your energy costs by using solar panels. Furthermore, vinyl siding offers a superior appearance that resembles wood siding in both appearance and feel. In addition to the fact that wood siding is not highly resistant to extreme weather conditions, it also requires a great deal of maintenance. Call now to get a free quote.